Night Bloom Copper Bowl
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Night Bloom Copper Bowl

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Make your table shine with these gorgeously looking mini copper snack bowls. If you're not using it for dishing up tasty snacks for your loved ones, this chicly-petite bowl on a dresser or a console table can turn into a rustic piece of home decor.

Care Instructions:

  • This is a digital printed enamelled finish; strictly not meant for hot beverages / hot water.
  • Do not scrub on the print/ Do not Dishwash or Microwave.
  • After usage, wash with a soft sponge or cloth, and wipe water well. If the water remains, copper jug / tumbler / bowls may lose its color. In particular, the bottom of inside the jug / tumbler is a little hard to wipe - Please be careful there.
  • Copper is expected to tarnish overtime, and is unrelated to the quality of the product. It is crucial to clean the product regularly in order to maintain its shine.

Cleaning: You may use industrial products specifically available for cleaning copper utensils (OR) create a paste using table salt and fresh lemon juice (or Vinegar). Rub this mixture onto the surface until clean. Wash with plain water and wipe off the excess water immediately with a dry cotton cloth.

Made of Copper with digitally printed enamelled finish.