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People say sometimes things come together and the dots just connect to make you take crazy leaps.

Reena Badani, a cultural admirer, was driven by the idea of creating environments to help people in their own journeys be it as a daughter, a life partner or an entrepreneur. The journey began during her travel to Rajasthan, a state in northern India, known for its history, rich culture and scenic locations. It was during this visit when Reena fell in love with the ancient art and craftsmanship of handmade bone inlay, copper, mango wood and marble products in small artisan’s factories.

While many believed that ancient furniture and home decor craftmanship in India was in decline due to the general apathy found in today’s society, Reena always admired India as an ocean of talent with a tremendous opportunity to scale. Her aim was simple: bring together art and nature in its organic form by creating a line of affordable luxury homeware collection made of bone inlay, marble, copper, mango wood, etc., that have a soul and are with you for life, which places a strong emphasis on:

a) Exquisite craftsmanship paying homage to the rich stories that exist behind every object and,
b) Top-notch quality

It was this oomph and passion that inspired Reena in founding La Panache: an affordable modern way of living and looking at the world with elegance.