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Marble Chevron Tray
Marble Chevron Tray
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Marble Chevron Tray

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Celebrate a lifestyle of luxury and glamour. Adorn your vanity area, or entrance console table decor with this perfect marble display tray for your fashion accessories, cosmetics, and jewelleries. Envisioned to be used on the bedside, dresser, dining table and as a décor accessory. May also be used as a serving platter.

Chevron pattern Brass inlay adds a touch of trad to your tabletop. Like fine wine, brass only gets better with age

Note: Each product is uniquely crafted by skilled artisans. Hence, you may observe a minor difference in the product(s) including color variations in marble.

Care Instructions: Over time, polished brass will develop a rich natural  patina. Use a microfiber cloth to buff out fingerprints and dirt. If you have no patience for patina, use a brass polish, but take care to avoid any non-brass detailing or inlays. 

As marble is porous, avoid contact with water and food that may leave a stain.

Marble with Brass Inlay

7 x 7 x 0.9 inch