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Marble Snack Platter Set
Marble Snack Platter Set
Marble Snack Platter Set
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Marble Snack Platter Set

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Beautifully handcrafted marble snack platter with dip bowls adorns your beautiful tabletop, with those natural good looks, it’s a picture-perfect snack platter for serving snacks, sushi, cheese, charcuterie, fruits, etc., you may love. This complete set with marble dip bowls gives a perfect pairing for any parties.

Note: Each piece is unique in that the marble, as a natural stone, varies in pattern, colour and grain. Some pieces may have natural cracking, fissures and pits. These variations are by no means a fault, but it adds to the natural beauty of the product.

Care Instructions: Dust with a microfibre cloth. For more stubborn stains and marks, handwash in warm water with a mild soap or detergent.

As marble is porous, avoid contact with water and food that may leave a stain.

Made of Marble

Tray: 45 x 10 cm
Bowl: 6 cm in diameter, 3 cm in height